Welcome to my website. One of the most important factors in you getting what you need or want from counselling is that we are a good ‘fit’ so I’m really glad that you are taking time to get to know me a little through my pages and hope that it will help you to consider this question.

Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to ask me anything that isn’t clear or doesn’t make sense. You can call me on 07813 723254 or mail me at annie.pointer@yahoo.com to do this.

If you’re not sure whether counselling is for you just now, I’d like to help you here and now with that one. If you’ve found your way to here, then it’s very likely that something in you is seeking or wanting  a bit of help and support. And if that’s your starting place, that’s absolutely fine, I won’t judge you on the relative ‘size’ of your difficulty or suffering. My starting place is your starting place.

It could be that you’re feeling low and just don’t understand why. Perhaps you have a vague feeling of not really being yourself, or knowing who you really are? Perhaps you’ve noticed that you feel anxious, angry, confused, depressed, unhappy, bored?

Perhaps you are reviewing your life, your goals, work, relationships?

You don’t have to be feeling unwell or unhappy to come to counselling – counselling is a great way of working things out, making decisions or discovering new things about yourself. It can help you to find new energy and zest for life, and to discover  what makes you content and what brings you joy in your life.

I will listen to you in a way that will help you to talk freely without critizing you, blaming you or telling you what to do. This kind of listening will help you to explore and discover your true and authentic self. You will have my full and whole-hearted attention for a whole hour. If you’ve never had this from anyone before perhaps now is the time to try it and offer yourself this gift? This kind of support and attention can really help you to sort things out, become clearer about yourself, and feel better.

This first step of choosing the right counsellor for you is the beginning of turning things around for yourself. Which is why I’m glad you are here.

Please feel free to call me on 07813 723254 or e-mail me at annie.pointer@yahoo.com if you’d like to ask me anything, or to arrange a free 15 minute telephone appointment where we can look further at how counselling might help and plan what to do next.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

With my kind and warmest wishes,