Is counselling for you?

People get in touch with me for many, many kinds of reasons – yours is important to me.

If it’s troubling you, it’s not too small to bring to counselling. If you think it’s too big to solve, why not get in touch with me? We can explore together whether counselling might be able to offer some hope, help or the support you are seeking.

Life can throw at us all kinds of things that can leave us anxious, depressed, angry, restless, sad, confused and many other things besides, which can start to have an impact on our daily life and relationships. Things like relationship difficulties, disappointments, bereavement, children leaving home, divorce, redundancy, work or health problems can effect us in ways that we hadn’t anticipated nor foreseen.

Past experiences too can effect us in the present, though often the root is not clear, which itself can make us feel worse. Clients often say to me, “If I only understood why, then perhaps I could do something about it!”.

You might have difficult decisions to make or just feel generally dissatisfied and restless with your life. It might be that you’re finding it hard to break old habits and you’d like to be able to do things differently. It could be that you’re feeling stressed and overburdened or anxious – life just isn’t the way you’d like it to be. You might be having difficulties at work, and would like to be able to talk things through with and unbiased ‘outsider’.

Perhaps you usually manage to ‘get through’ difficult times on your own or with the support of close family or friends. But this time, it’s not working.

Getting the right kind of help is really important so it’s great that you’ve already begun the task of finding a counsellor who can help you through this. You don’t need to suffer any more on your own.

If you decide I’m not right for you, there are of course many other counsellors who might be the right fit for you. I know it can be hard work but I want to encourage you to keep on looking.

I believe that within you is the potential to find a way through this unhappiness, pain, worry, uncertainty, dissatisfaction,stress or anxiety or to explore your desire for something in your life to be different.

Because I know that choosing a counsellor can be difficult, if you are not sure how counselling with me can help you, I am happy for you to call me on 07813723254 or email me at and I will gladly do what I can to help you make your decision – you can also visit the It’s Good to Talk website for further information.